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A casual series that uses a mesh material throughout the bag to make it look cool.

The main body fabric is an original polyester mesh material that is thick but does not hurt even if it comes into direct contact with the skin. It is ideal for storing wet and dirty items in summer leisure scenes such as beaches and pools, and is also suitable for storing folding umbrellas and PET bottles for everyday use. In addition, the same mesh material is arranged on the back, and the good breathability when carrying it is also unique to mesh bags, and it is one of the important functions that it can be used relatively cool in the recent heat wave.

The biggest feature of this series is not only the functionality of the above mesh material, but also the storage space is provided by the PVC-processed fabric of the interior, so it is possible to store dry items without being affected by wet items. is. As a result, it has functionality for town use that sets it apart from the mesh bags on the market, and you can easily carry stored items such as smartphones and wallets that you do not want to get wet. Except for Sakosh Type 2, the mesh material storage room and the interior PVC storage space are gusseted, so when you put in a large capacity luggage, you can move the storage space to either side, so it fits your luggage. You can flexibly adjust the space and use it. YKK's Aquaguard Bislon is used for the fasteners in the places related to the waterproofness of the PVC storage space to enhance functionality.

  • Porter-Yoshida & Co
  • Style #875-19105
  • Made in Japan
  • W:185mm/H:220mm/D:0mm
  • Material: Front: Polyester mesh
    Interior: Nylon ripstop
    (Surface: PVC processing)
    Included: Nylon Ripstop
    (Back side: Acrylic coating)
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